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How To Choose The Right Business Name

Being able to pick your name is one of the greatest things about owning a business. This is something you need to do correctly, not only for legal reasons but also for creating the right impression.

Making the right impression

Remember that your company name will be the first impression you give to potential customers. This applies regardless of whether you want to convey professionalism or something different. This should be consistent across all media, including your website, marketing, and signage.

Take into account spelling and pronunciation

Consider how many times you will have to give out your information over the phone. Think about the name of your business. Choose something easy to write and speak about.

Be reflective about what you do

A name that represents your business is a good idea. This will help potential customers understand your business quickly. It could be useful in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where it might be beneficial to include a few keywords within your name. If your company doesn’t plan to offer new services or change, this should be done. This situation can be handled by an online marketing company.

Take a look at the future

When choosing a name to represent your business, keep in mind the future. You should choose a name that will last you for the next ten years. You don’t want to limit your potential growth. Also, avoid using words or phrases that are out of style.

Trade and corporate names

You can choose a corporate name, but you can also select a trading name to represent the corporate name. This means that you can choose something corporate for your official name, but create a trading or creative name. It is important to highlight your trading name/corporate identity on all marketing materials.

Take into account potential hurdles from overseas

Check that your business name does not mean anything offensive in another language if you plan to trade overseas.

Now that you have a few ideas, the next step is to check if your ideas are available.

Names for sole traders

You can operate your business as a sole trader if you so choose. However, you are allowed to have any name you want. There are however some legal points to keep in mind:

Your business name should not be offensive

Include any terms that refer to a public limited company (PLC), limited (LTD), LLP, or their Welsh equivalents.

Any sensitive words or expressions are not permitted to be used without official permission.

Next, make sure that your business name is not being used by anyone else.

Things to Consider for Limited Companies

You must register your name with Companies House if you are forming a limited company. It is important that your proposed name doesn’t violate any rules regarding name endings, same as’ rules, or include a prescribed work or sensitive work without prior authorization.

Double-check trademarks

It is important to ensure that your proposed business name does not sound very similar or identical to a registered trademark.

Your business name displayed

To show customers whom you are dealing with, every business must display its name and other relevant information. You must display your registered name on any hardcopy and digital correspondence if you are a limited company. This includes all correspondence, including emails, notices, bills of exchange, and invoices. It even includes your website.

You must include your business name, your name, and your address for sole traders in all areas. You must display your business name, address, and phone number on all correspondence, stationery, and websites.

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