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Everything you should know about coffee beans

We love to drink coffee in our free time, on our busy programs, or even on a bad day to forget all the negativity. And sometimes it feels so good to hang on in the midnights with your special person and have a cup of coffee. Likewise, coffee is the most prominent part of our life from the morning to the night. But, the question is that, do you know how that coffee beans are special? Or what makes a coffee special? Why are coffee beans so special? I guess no.

So, the whole blog is for you people. We are providing a piece of information about the above questions.

How special are coffee beans?

Recent studies are showing that coffee is giving the best and ultimate benefits to its drinkers. Also, the beans are dominant. It is because they hold Chlorogenic Acid (CGA).  This is an antioxidant that helps to reduce the headache.

Apart from that, the raw beans consist of a few percent of CGA by weight. It helps to reduce the weight of an individual. Also, some health issues occur from swellings, and coffee beans are helpful to reduce inflammation. In addition, having six cups of coffee a day can reduce type 2 diabetes.

What is Special Coffee?

Nowadays, you are familiar with the special Coffee Beans. It is a coffee that ranges from grades 80 to 100 from the Specialty Coffee Association. It simply means that the quality of the coffee that will serve you should be perfect and pure. So, you can also recognize them as speciality coffee beans.

Despite this, mainly four types of coffees viz Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. We are giving them information about why they are special?

Types of Coffees

  • Arabica – Arabica has mainly two diversities, one is Typica, and the other one is Borbunn. 60% of lipids and double sugar are operating together to give coffee its structure, aroma, and flavor.
  • Robusta – The Coffea canephora plant produces the beans of Robusta coffees. And these plants have their origins in Africa. Further, it is a bitter coffee that was used in instant coffee and espresso before. The coffee is for those people who love to have strong and dark coffees.
  • Liberica – Apart from the individual’s knowledge, the liberica coffee is fruitier and tastier for the customers. Because of this, the coffee is smooth and contains a low acid. The beans are generally dark roasted and ground greatly. The beans come up from West Africa and Malaysia.
  • Excelsa – Excelsa is one of the most growing coffees from Southeast Asia. And this coffee now has a different name from the genus of librica. It is because the Excelsa grows on the trees which are tall and about 35-30 feet like librica. The flavor of this coffee is plain and less acidic.


This informative blog is all about the special coffee beans. Here are the four types of coffee beans that are widely popular because of their taste and flavor – Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.


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