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Simple Steps To Get Started With PPC Automation In 7 Steps

Conventional marketing schemes have failed the test of time and the internet has ushered in the new era of marketing, that is, digital marketing. The far reach of the internet has made it a very powerful tool of advertising. Its branches and stems seep in every activity of our day and this makes it a preferable option for advertising.

One of the most common types of online advertising is PPC advertising wherein you pay only when your ad is clicked on by someone. Having said that, it is a very competitive field as the number of digital marketers is growing every day and you compete against all of them for the top position of the search engine result page.

One of the effective strategies is to use PPC Automation Software for managing your ads campaigns. It becomes a lot easier to optimise your ad for the maximum returns and conversions on traffic. One of the best tools available in the market is PromoNavi. Trusted by more than 8000 clients from all over the globe, it is a globally recognised tool for excellence.

You can easily give an impetus to your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads by linking them to PromoNavi. It will save you a lot of invaluable time at a very affordable price.

Getting started with PPC atomisation

  • Explore as much as you can- Google ads become smarter and more sophisticated by the day. This also increases the automation options available. Automation is supported by both Google and Microsoft ads. The primary features of their automation include video ads and other features. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook also provide automation features and the same can be accessed via Facebook ads solution.


  • Set PPC goals in alignment with your business- the first step before you set up an automation campaign is to set objectives for your ads. These objectives must be wisely decided and must be predicated on your business goals. There can be many goals but primarily, they are divided into two compartments:
  1. The traffic generation- in this type of ad campaign, your goal is to spread the word about your business and create a reputation for a brand. Conversion making is not the primary goal of this advert as the main goal is spreading awareness about the brand and creating an impression on the audience.


2. Lead generation- when you are well established as a brand, your goal of advertising becomes to generate as many leads as possible. Working towards sale generation is always the second step in the ladder of advertising and the former is always the creation of awareness regarding the brand.


3. Establish reliable conversions- your PPC automation tool would work efficiently only if you provide it with the sufficient data and information required. There are many types of conversions data that serves as the appetite of the ad network. Some of the conversions are more reliable than others and the key is to differentiate between them.


PPC automation can be the best decision for your business but rather than jumping on it, you must do a proper analysis of your needs and requirements.


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