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Few Descriptive Words About The Seal Of God On My Forehead

Every Bible reader has the query, ‘Do the person having Seal of God on their forehead will be safe from the tribulation of the seven-year?’ The many revelations of the Bible have multiple answers for this query. However, firstly there is a need to understand in detail the Seal of God.

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The Seal of God:

The books on revelation define the Seal of God to be the mark or sign that the Almighty has put on the forehead of saints. There is a prophecy that people having the seal of God will be saved from troubles and will enjoy eternal life. It is stated that 144,000 have received the Seal of God. They were the disciples of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The seal isn’t visible however it is assumed to be having the name of God and the Lamb. The seal was placed on the forehead of bond servants of God during the tribulation times.

Seal in normal terms relates to the mark of ownership and authenticity. It is given to certify that the thing is of superb quality. Here, in the books of Revelation, it acts as a guarantee given by God to his followers of keeping them safe from worldly troubles. Thus, generally understandable terms seal of God can be explained as God’s identification mark that makes you believe in eternal safety and make your bond with God real and stronger.

The power of the Seal of God:

  • Actually, every person believing in God has the almighty in their heart. Hence, that is the mark of God you are having within your soul. That clears the path of troubles to assist you in leading a happy life.
  • You belong to Christ, thus you become righteous and won’t harm anyone. You will be honest and do your duty without any complaint. In simple words, you will love others and be a kindhearted person.
  • You are identified as God’s disciple, thus there won’t be any evil thoughts in your mind. You will lead a celestial life that is full of compassion for others. Now, God is within you, knowing that no cruelty of others can harm your wellbeing.
  • Your salvation is real, thus your sins are sure to be forgiven and can visualize your eternity in heaven along with the Almighty.

As a true disciple of God, it’s the duty of all to work effortlessly for the well-being of every living organism. Everyone should aim to gain eternal peace and to eliminate the devil’s thoughts and deeds to find solace in the soul. As you are marked by God as one of his true disciples, it is your duty to spread his message of ways to lead an honest and dutiful life.

The book, ‘The Interpretation of Second Seal provides insight into how the Seal of God identifies you as one of the chosen people to lead your fellow beings out of the danger of worldly desires.

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