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Do You Know The Reason For Obtaining Highest CBD Bioavailability With Vaping?

Bioavailability is one important parameter that is often taken into consideration while selecting the best method of CBD consumption. Any manufacturer will also advertise their CBD product by claiming that their particular product has got the highest bioavailability.

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What is bioavailability?

Most of you must have heard this term, but perhaps not very sure what this term really means. The term bioavailability is not specifically used only with CBD. Rather it is a scientific term that tells you about the availability of various drugs and compounds to the cells of the body.

As far as CBD’s bioavailability is concerned, it refers to what ratio of the CBD that will be absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD’s bioavailability may differ based on potency and also the method of consumption.

Why CBD bioavailability will matter to us?

When someone decides to take CBD then there are many questions on their mind. Some of the questions can be:

  • How many terpenes and cannabinoids your product has?
  • What is the CBD concentration?
  • Whether your product will offer any benefit of entourage effect?

Perhaps bioavailability can answer all these questions as this is the most important consideration while choosing any of the forms of CBD. To make the matter simple, we can say that the higher is the bioavailability of any product the better it will be as you will need a very little amount to get the desired benefits.

Vaping can offer you the highest bioavailability

This is one of the reasons, why vaping is quite a popular method of consuming CBD. By vaping, CBD can directly enter your lungs and can offer you the maximum benefits that you are anticipating from CBD.

Although CBD is available in many different forms like edibles, capsules, tincture, and gels, however, the bioavailability can never be matched with vape oil as this method of consumption will offer you almost immediate results.

In all other methods of consumption, CBD needs to get digested first, before it will enter into the bloodstream. While vaping the CBD compound will go directly into your bloodstream and can target cells without passing through your digestive system.

Many studies were conducted and that have shown that vaporized cannabidiol will achieve almost 34 to 46% of absorption rates. A few other studies have shown the bioavailability as high as 56%.

Also, vaping of CBD involves relatively lower temperatures, which is between 160 to 180°C, and also the vapor does not have any impurities e.g. tar. Therefore, vaping becomes a much safer method of consumption of CBD.


You can therefore know what method of consumption that you must choose for consuming CBD and that will depend more on its bioavailability. Also, now you know which method of consumption can reach your bloodstream more quickly.

Looking at vape oil, we find that it has got the maximum bioavailability. When it is inhaled, then CBD can reach directly into your bloodstream and finally your lungs.

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