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Use SEO Tools For Website Optimization – Important To Get Higher Ranking In SERPs

Search engines, primarily Google, are used by the majority of the people almost all day. Some are shoppers, some are looking for local services, some are finding answers to specific questions, and some others are utilizing the search engine to look for games and interactive videos.

As search engines have become an integral part of everyone’s life, businesses and website creators need to ensure that their website works seamlessly and provides the user an engaging experience. This is essential if you want to gain visibility in the search engine and wish to generate organic traffic and thereby revenue from it.

Some years back, SEO optimization was done for websites yearly. However, the time has changed now and Google makes approximately 3000 updates every year in its search algorithm. Therefore, it is important to keep your website optimized as per these updates and hence, the frequency of SEO activities which was once in a year previously has become a weekly or almost a daily activity.

You can take professional help from a reputed and fast-growing SEO Brisbane company, Australian Internet Marketing. Their SEO consultants will make tailor-made website design and SEO strategies for you so that you get expected results in the form of increased website traffic from organic sources, greater conversion rates, and better revenue in the long run. They will also keep tracking the website regularly so that you are up-to-date with any changes that happen in the Google algorithm.

Top 11 SEO strategies that can be applied for website optimization

  1. Use original and relevant content:
  •         Making plagiarism-free and high-quality content that can benefit the visitor on your website in some way is the first factor that plays a major role in search engine optimization.
  •         Without good content and the use of relevant keywords placed naturally through it, you cannot expect to get visibility on SERPs.
  1. HTML header tags:
  •         Giving header tags to all important SEO elements on-site is necessary.
  •         However, do not overcrowd the page with H1 and H2s, use them sensibly and sparingly.
  1. Meta description:
  •         The use of keywords in Meta titles is important to get a good search engine ranking.
  •         Properly placing the keywords in the Meta description of your webpage will increase the click-through rate of your online campaign.
  1. Sitemap:
  •         Submit a sitemap containing the URLs of all important pages of your website on Google webmaster.
  •         This will make it easier for bots to crawl your site for indexing without missing out on important and relevant pages.
  1. Site navigation:
  •         It refers to the organized structure of your website so that navigation on different pages is easier for the user.
  •         Giving important headers also increases the Google bots’ crawlability.
  1. Edit Robot.txt for increasing the crawling budget:
  •         On the Robot.txt file of your website, you can allow important pages for indexing while restricting unnecessary pages.
  •         This increases your crawl budget that quickens the process of indexing.
  1. Use Internal linking:
  •         The use of tools such as footers, links to important pages, and breadcrumbs all increase the ease with which your website can be navigated.
  •         This enhances the experience for both the bots and the users. This element is essential for new user retention.
  1. Use rich snippets:
  •         The use of snippets such as user ratings, video icons, and reviews that appear in between the website URL and search engine description increases the chances of more organic traffic visiting your website.
  1. Eliminate URL variations:
  •         Informing Google about URL variations for duplicate pages is a technical SEO strategy to improve the crawl budget and hence, faster indexing of important web pages.
  1. Create uniform URL:
  •         It is important to maintain uniformity in the uppercase or lowercase letters you use in the URLs as even a minor discrepancy can lead the user to a different page altogether.
  1. Create a website page that is responsive to mobile and desktop interfaces both:
  •         More than half of organic traffic visiting the search engine is through their mobile phones.
  •         Therefore, to rank higher your website must have a mobile-friendly interface.

Use of both on-page and technical SEO strategies to optimize the user experience on your website and creating ways to keep them engaged is what works in the long run and gets revenue for any business organization, small or large. Website optimization focuses on the retention of new as well as old website visitors to improve their conversion rates. This is the key factor that can eventually get your website a higher ranking. 

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