Why Is VPS Better Than Dedicated Server For Your Business

Virtual Private Server like the Virtual world offers exceptional services that any business would need today. As the technology world is upgrading almost every day, the server set-up also has evolved from time to time.

From shared servers to dedicated physical servers, all have their advantages over the other. Only due to resource and performance enhancement, the other setups came into use. Likewise, VPS has its advantages. However, is it better than the dedicated physical servers?

Excellent Similarities

Be it VPS or the Dedicated server, both have similarities that cannot be outdone. The control remains intact; the range of software that you can install in both cases is numerous. The downtime is relatively less. With these and few other aspects, these two have a serious head-on in the business world to choose among.

VPS over DPS

If we want to select one among these two for your business, you must first know your business demands. DPS indeed is an excellent option, no doubt. But imagine the space and resources you shall be getting. Does your business need the entire resources?

MonoVM suggests going with business requirements than personal opinions is always wise. MonoVM is a one-stop solution for your VPS needs. A bitcoin-based VPS service provider, the company is named for its wide variety of hosting plans. These plans can be upgraded or downgraded as per your choice.

While understanding the business requirements, you shall understand the specifications you are looking for. This shall help you choose VPS over DPS as the plans are flexible. That means to say, you can choose a plan and increase or decrease the resources as your business grows. Moreover, the same serene effect of complete privacy that the DPS offers shall be enjoyed too.

Cost Factor

Of course, Dedicated Servers are costly compared to the VPS. What we need to look for is the additional cost. This is huge in DPS. Say, for example, you have got the setup and you need a range of software to be installed. You just have to pay for it. While the VPS offers free installation of software and also gives support without additional cost.

Resource Allocation

This is also one of the major factors you need to consider for your server requirements. As such the Dedicated servers give you the best set-up but with too many resources that require regular maintenance. At the same time, the VPS gives optimal resources and you can use it as per your need. The wastage is minimized and no extra cost for any maintenance purposes.

Points to consider while selecting the servers

  • Business requirements
  • Number of blogs or websites you shall be managing
  • Customer Base
  • Software needs


It is to be understood that VPS offers the service of a dedicated server with a shared server mechanism. This versatility is the one to be leveraged on. The cost being a factor and the flexibility being the gift, you can very well opt for VPS over DPS any day.

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