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What Is The Difference Between Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivables

All the small businesses have to set up their accounting records for the smooth functioning of the company. It helps in keeping all the documents accurately. Investments, decisions, and risk management are so significant. It is so crucial to make accounts payable/ receivables account for doing double-entry bookkeeping.

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What are accounts payable?

Accounts payable is the amount that a business owes to all its suppliers. Further, it represents all the amount that goes out of the company. It is the short-term debt that a company owns to its creditors. All of these payments are outstanding and have not been made. These are the payments that will be made in the future.

What are accounts receivables?

Accounts receivables are the current assets of the company. Likewise, it helps in account reconciliations and any amounts that customers owe to the company. It represents all the payments to be made by the customers. It is the credit terms that the company gives to the clients. The turnover ratio analyzes the strength of the company.

Difference between both terms

Both terms are interchangeably the same term. While accounts receivable is the amount that clients have to pay to companies.  On the other hand, accounts payable is the amount that the company has to pay to the lenders. A general ledger accounting is prepared. To keep track of the asset, the amount is recorded as receivable in the accounting books.

For the cash flow management, the liability of accounts payable is written as expected in the accounting books.

How to manage accounts payable?

Paying bills is an unavoidable part of the business. Besides, it should be kept organized to help in the month, quarterly, and year-end closings.

  • Using of technology to the advantage

Using the online methods will ensure that the processes go on faster. Also, it will reduce the number of errors that people make.

  • Simplifying of the process

Be sure that the accounts payable is simplified too as much as possible. Run two checks every month to avoid any unnecessary complications.

How to manage accounts receivables?

Accounts receivables help payroll tax and sales tax return preparation, which is possible with accounts receivables.

  • Try to be flexible

The customers have to pay you on time. Provide them all kinds of systems to produce and make it automatic too.

  • Try to make it online

Allow your customers to make online payments. Further, the electronic method saves papers and keeps a track record of everything.


The difference between the terms is the perspectives of customers. Both the terms are crucial for the efficient running of the business. While working with large customers, it is necessary to keep accounts receivables organized. Or you could lose hours while dealing with unhappy clients and not getting the money.

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